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Now Offering Registered Massage Therapy

Meet Our Registered Massage Therapists

Book Andrea Sitter, RMT at LIFT Fitness & Physiotherapy

Andrea Sitter

Andrea became a Registered Massage Therapist after graduating from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in 2019. Before entering the field, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree as a student athlete while playing softball for West Texas A&M University. Training as a competitive athlete for the majority of her life is where Andrea’s passion for wellness stems from. She has recently become a registered yoga teacher growing from a personal practice of over 10 years.

Active recovery, injury prevention and healthy body movements are the keystones of Andrea’s focus as a therapist. She centers her practice on an individual’s goals and pain needs, treating the whole person in their journey to a pain-free and healthy daily life. Andrea believes that patient education and personalized exercises can propel recovery and empower individuals in their wellbeing. Active and assisted stretching and strengthening, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques and joint mobilizations are some of the modalities that Andrea focuses her treatments with. Treatments at LIFT will include time spent on and off the table with many active modalities being utilized to help you feel and move better.

Andrea is an outdoor enthusiast; spending much of her free time with her dog doing activities like hiking, kayaking and running. Andrea welcomes you to the LIFT experience.

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