The LIFT team is excited to reopen our doors on Tuesday, May 19th and welcome you back for our Training services. We are going to be implementing a hybrid training model as we ease back into training. We will be offering in studio personal training as well as our Virtual Personal Training services for those of you that don’t feel comfortable to come to the studio at this present time. However, please note that things will look a little different moving forward and we ask that you read our new trainer/client expectations prior to your appointment. These expectations have been put in place to keep all of us safe and to respect everyone’s health and well-being. We want to keep you updated on what we are doing in the studio and what you can expect from us as we open our doors for the first time since March (oh how we have missed you!). Your health and wellness are always our number one priority, and with that in mind, we have responded with heightened cleaning and safety measures at our studio. We have taken the following precautions with our Master Trainers; Personal Training Program:


Expectations of Your Master Trainer/Kinesiologist:

• If requested the Master Trainers/Kinesiologists will  wear a mask during your training session.

• Each trainer/ Kinesiologist will wash their hands upon arrival for their shift and before and after each service they conduct.


• Upon your arrival your Trainer/Kinesiologist will have you verbally fill out a quick questionnaire (ex. have you experienced any flu like symptoms).

• For payment we will either be using your credit card that you currently have on file, we will also have new credit card forms that we can email to you prior to your session that you can bring in. We of course accept e-transfer as well.

• Commonly touched surfaces, such as light switches, door handles, will be wiped down regularly.


• Our Kinesiologists/Trainers will no longer be providing hands on adjustments.


• We have a designated training area for yourself and your instructor. You will have your own equipment and mat that will be thoroughly cleaned after use.


• Your Master Trainer/Kinesiologist is instructed to stay 6 feet away from you and will not be able to provide any hands-on cueing at this moment in time.


• Although we absolutely love high fives, we will be refraining from any physical touch at this time in order to keep your health our number one priority. However, the occasional "woohoo" or "amazing job!!!" will always be in order.


• We have also increased our cleaning regimens and are making sure to clean all high traffic areas at the studio even more thoroughly.



Client Expectations: 

• There will be no waiting room or arriving early to use equipment at this moment so please do not arrive early to your appointment. 

• Please disinfect your hands immediately after entering the studio (sanitizing station is on the left-hand side as soon as you walk in).

• Please bring minimal items to your training session (example: your cell phone and keys). As few cubbies will be in use during this time. 

• Retail: please do not touch any retail items. If there is something that you would like to look at or purchase, please ask your Master Trainer or Kinesiologist for assistance and they will be happy to help.

• If you are symptomatic of an illness, from the common cold to the flu, please refrain from coming into the studio and stay home.

• If you have recently traveled out of country, we please advise you to take a 14-day break from the studio, we can help support your fitness at home by sending you our at home workout program

• Cancellation policy: if you or anyone you have been in contact with has had flu like symptoms please call or email us to cancel your training session. There will be no cancellation fee in regard to being sick and having to cancel your scheduled appointment.

• Please be aware of social distancing, give everyone more than enough space to practice social distancing. 

• The water stations unfortunately will not be able to be accessed as per the guidelines set out by Fraser health so please come to your appointment/ training session with a filled water bottle from home. 


• We will not be able to offer our towel services during this time either so please bring a towel with you to your appointment. 

• There will be no food permitted inside of the studio.


***It is important to note that these measures are in addition to the robust cleaning measures we have already implemented, and we are continuing to evaluate the situation along with additional preventative measures that will continue to make LIFT Fitness studio the safest studio space available.***

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times, we can’t wait to see you at the studio soon! Please know that we are all in this together and learning as we go so please be patient while we navigate through this new “normal”. We have missed our clients and look forward to seeing you at the studio!
We cannot wait to see your smiling faces soon!




 The LIFT Team