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Port Moody Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists are specialists in providing advanced physiotherapy services in Port Moody that lead to the best treatment outcomes. Unlike conventional clinics who focus on treating injuries after they occur, our goal is to prevent injuries from happening in the first place. Our prehabilitation and group physiotherapy classes will keep you moving, so your goals are never interrupted by aches and pains!


LIFT physiotherapists are highly trained practitioners who use their in-depth understanding of the body to offer exceptional physiotherapy in a fitness-focused environment. Our providers are some of the best physiotherapists in Port Moody! Our philosophy is grounded in movement and manual therapy, and we are a 100% modality-free space. 


Our physiotherapy services include:

  • Group Dynamics: Group Physiotherapy Classes

  • Sports Team Training (in-studio or on-field)

  • Team Prehab programs (in-studio or on-field)

  • 1:1 Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment

  • Manual Therapy

  • Exercise Rehabilitation

  • Return-to-Sport

  • Client Education

  • Injury Prevention

  • Sports Taping 

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Group Dynamics


If aches and pains are holding you back from tackling other workout classes,
Group Dynamics classes are just the thing for you! Group Dynamics are group physiotherapy programs, designed to bridge the gap between 1:1 rehabilitation
and group fitness classes.


Throughout the year, we offer
rehabilitation-focused classes like:

  • Core Fundamentals

  • Advanced CoreFIT

  • Hip & Knee FIT

  • Shoulder FIT

  • Low Back FIT


Classes are taught by a registered Kinesiologist and supervised by a registered Physiotherapist. They focus on mobility and building strength and conditioning
in ways tailored to each member’s individual needs.


To ensure that a 6-week program is right for you, an initial physiotherapy assessment is required prior to starting any Group Dynamics class. When paired with the initial assessment, classes are covered by most extended health care plans!

Group Anchor


If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident and have an active claim with ICBC, you may be entitled to one-on-one exercise-based rehabilitation with a LIFT Kinesiologist. Our kinesiologists are experienced treating a full range of injuries and will support you through your recovery journey in a safe and progressive manner. Our facility is equipped with state of the art equipment that makes for an enjoyable and innovative rehabilitation session.

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Pop Up Anchor

Pop-Up Clinics

LIFT Physio is excited to announce our new Pop-Up Clinics: physiotherapy services where the clinic comes to you!


LIFT Physio Pop-Up Clinics are perfect for:

  • Sports clubs who want to offer regular physiotherapy services

  • Community events

  • And more!


Do you have an event in mind? Please contact us for rates and details.

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