Shannon Day

shannon day

fitness matchmaker

Shannon has been personal training for 10 years and has an extreme passion for fitness. She has trained individuals and teams all over the world including London, England, Oklahoma and Greece. She has always been passionate about sport and went to university on scholarship playing both soccer and softball in Texas and Oklahoma.

Her most recent acheivements have been Assistant Coach/Trainer for the Y-series Vancouver Whitecaps Girls team as well as trainer for the Arsenal Elite Academy boys football team in Loutraki, Greece. Shannon holds her BCRPA certification in weight training and Group fitness.

She is certified by ACE as a Personal Trainer and has a Diploma in Sport Science and Continued Education in Kinesiology. Shannon is the Owner/Manager of LIFT Fitness. Shannon welcomes you to the LIFT experience.

Tyson Headshot.heic

Tyson Kustiak


Inspiration to pursue a career in Physiotherapy developed in Tyson as a young athlete who received physiotherapy treatments, education and guidance for sports related injuries.

Tyson comes from an athletic background with a passion for many sports including; golf, soccer, baseball and hockey. Tyson continues to play golf and hockey recreationally, in addition to, running, hiking, biking, skiing and weightlifting. Tyson moved from Manitoba in 2020 to live and work in British Columbia as a Physiotherapist—this move was driven by the desire for the outdoor lifestyle and activities..... and of course, the milder winters.

Tyson graduated from the University of Winnipeg in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Kinesiology. Additionally, Tyson graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2018 with a Masters Degree in Physiotherapy. Since graduating in 2018, Tyson has taken continued education courses in Vestibular Therapy (dizziness and balance), concussion management, sports injury taping, musculoskeletal courses for the neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee and ankle, and Advanced Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy level 1.


Andrea Sitter 

Registered Massage Therapist

Andrea became a Registered Massage Therapist after graduating from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in 2019. Before entering the field, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree as a student athlete while playing softball for West Texas A&M University. Training as a competitive athlete for the majority of her life is where Andrea’s passion for wellness stems from. She has recently become a registered yoga teacher growing from a personal practice of over 10 years.

Active recovery, injury prevention and healthy body movements are the keystones of Andrea’s focus as a therapist. She centers her practice on an individual’s goals and pain needs, treating the whole person in their journey to a pain-free and healthy daily life. Andrea believes that patient education and personalized exercises can propel recovery and empower individuals in their wellbeing. Active and assisted stretching and strengthening, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques and joint mobilizations are some of the modalities that Andrea focuses her treatments with. Treatments at LIFT will include time spent on and off the table with many active modalities being utilized to help you feel and move better.

Andrea is an outdoor enthusiast; spending much of her free time with her dog doing activities like hiking, kayaking and running. Andrea welcomes you to the LIFT experience.

Adam Cowan RMT is LIFT .png

Adam Cowan

Registered Massage Therapy

Adam is a graduate of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy program in 2018. He participated in a number of outreaches including with the UBC Varsity Athletes and a Weightlifting Camp at CrossFit Burnaby.

He previously received his Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and Physical Education from the University of the Fraser Valley in 2012. During that time he interned as a Student Athletic Therapist with the Vancouver Whitecaps Residency program where he saw first hand how manual therapy could get athletes back to play as soon as possible. During his career as a Kinesiologist he was given insight on how important therapeutic exercises coupled with manual therapy could help people return to work or everyday life!

He joined CrossFit in 2013 after years of participating in team sports growing up and started coaching CrossFit in 2014. Since he has first hand CrossFit knowledge and injury experience it created a passion for working with the body’s mechanics to improve athletic performance and rehabilitating orthopedic injuries.

Come and book an appointment to see how massage therapy can help you succeed with your athletic or lifestyle goals. Adam welcomes you to the LIFT experience.

Ryan Davies _ LIFT Fitness & Physiotherapy BLOG.png

Ryan Davies

Head Educator & Athletic Therapist

Ryan decided to pursue a career as a certified athletic therapist after a lifelong involvement in sport, playing basketball and football, and wanted to stay involved in sport after he finished playing. While earning a degree in Kinesiology he found that teaching other athletes how to reduce their risk of injury and help them return to play after an injury is what he was the most passionate about after going through injuries of his own. Ryan has 8 years experience as a therapist in varsity sports with the University of Alberta Golden Bears Football team, and MacEwan University Women’s Hockey. As well as professionally with the Edmonton Elks and most recently Vancouver Whitecaps.

Ryan specializes in soft tissue release, manual therapy, prophylactic bracing and taping, injury prevention and assessment as well as rehabilitation and return to play programming. He holds additional certifications as a corrective exercise specialist and performance exercise specialist. One of Ryan’s goals is to take the rehabilitation and injury prevention process that is available to professional athletes and make it accessible to everyone, No matter if your goal is to keep playing your favourite sport, go hiking on the weekend or just be pain free throughout the week!

When not at work you can find him playing ultimate frisbee and pickup basketball. Or more often than not trying to find anywhere in the lower mainland without concrete, going camping, hiking, or fishing whenever he has the chance. Ryan welcomes you to the LIFT experience.

Hayley 2.JPG

Hayley Frandsen


Hayley graduated from the University of Victoria with a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology. She was awarded Kinesiology Co-op Student of the Year in 2020 for her successes during her work term placements throughout her degree. Hayley grew up a competitive dancer which sparked her passion for health and wellness in which she loves to share with other people. She is committed to working with clients towards their personal goals and strives to find meaningful and function-based treatment activities to facilitate this. Hayley has previous experience working with Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists in a clinical setting, and is excited to be joining the LIFT team!

Outside of work, Hayley is happiest when reading, testing new recipes, or when spending time with family and friends! Hayley welcomes you the the LIFT experience.

Jaso Soolman

Jason Sooloman


Jason is a kinesiologist and has a passion for the science of the body and how it functions. Jason is a graduate from UCFV with a bachelor in psychology . He has been a speaker at the international sport science and sport medicine conference as well as had his work published in British journal of sports medicine. Jason makes his workouts fun and interesting every time you train. With his depth of knowledge about the body you’re learning every time you come in! He has a true passion for mobility and rehabilitation and is always looking to see how he can improve the bodies function! Jason welcomes you to the LIFT experience.

Kirstin Sullivan

Kirstin Sullivan


Kirstin is a kinesiologist at LIFT. She graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a focus in Active Health and Rehabilitation. Her never-ending thirst for learning influences her sessions and classes as she’s always researching new exercises and strives to train with evidence-based methods. She believes that injuries can be prevented with proper “prehab” and treating existing imbalances in your body. Kirstin’s goal is to empower you to reach your fitness goals by building a strong foundation first. She wants to set her clients up for success, not only in fitness but also the ability to complete everyday tasks!

Growing up, Kirstin played competitive soccer and softball, during that time she experienced a number of injuries which exposed her to the rehab and prehab side of training. She quickly learned the value of exercise in injury recovery as well as maintaining injury preventative exercises to prevent re-injury or new injuries. She also understands the value of accountability in the training and wants to support you through your journey!

In her spare time, Kirstin loves being outside; going for hikes, walks, and runs, skiing, traveling and loves to read. If you have any book suggestions, she is all ears! She still plays recreational soccer and is always keen to play soccer, softball or almost any other sport. Kirstin welcomes you to the LIFT experience.

Reece Dickinson

Reece Dickinson

Sports Training Specialist

Reece is a BCRPA certified Personal trainer. His love for fitness grew through his love of sports. He is passionate about pushing the limits when it comes to his personal goals and others. Reece played competitive hockey all of his life as well as competitive lacrosse. Reece has a real passion for sports which transfers over to his training as his true passion lies with Sport Specific Training and watching each athlet achieve their goals. His mission is too push people to exceed results they have only dreamed of. In his spare time he loves to go on hikes, walk his dog, snowboard and watch lots of hockey, escpecially the canucks! Reece wants to welcome you to the LIFT experience!


Taylor Pilkington

Strength and conditioning specialist

Taylor is a strength and conditioning coach, who has a passion for helping others find joy in movement. Graduating from both Canadore College, in Ontario, and L.I.T, in Ireland Taylor was able to gain experience in recreational power lifting, and weight lifting competitions. She has also played hockey most of her life, and continues to do so. Thanks to personal experience Taylor understands the setbacks that injuries can bring to your life and training, and the importance of building a strong foundation before diving head on. She focuses on functional fitness and building strength that will improve all areas of life, helping you move better, feel better, and build confidence and personal empowerment. In her spare time Taylor enjoys skating, walking, and yoga. Taylor welcomes you to the LIFT experience.


Justine Charlston

Power and performance specialist 

Justine is a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach. She is driven to not only see change in your physical fitness, but also your mental well-being. Growing up, Justine was a provincial level figure skater, which lead to not only a development for her love of fitness, but also a passion for movement and skill. This carried over to her training style of Power and Performance. Justine strives to help every client identify and work on both their strengths and weaknesses to bring you to their full potential. Outside of the gym, Justine is currently studying for her Kinesiology Degree, along with keeping busy with crafting, hiking, camping, and being in nature. Justine welcomes you to the LIFT experience.

Jessie Robinson

Kathleen Thomson

50+ Training Specialist

Kathleen is a long-time fitness enthusiast and Lift Fitness workout participant. She is a Certified Personal Fitness and Weight Trainer, registered with BCRPA and certified by Douglas College in 2016.

She is a former secondary school teacher, university level instructor, and teacher union president. After retirement from the B.C. Teachers’ Federation in 2015, she decided to fulfill her long-held ambition to certify as a fitness trainer. Kathleen has a particular interest in fitness and resistance training for older adults because she knows firsthand the enormous everyday health benefits that accrue from having improved muscular strength, greater aerobic capacity, and leaner body mass. She wants to help older adults achieve their healthiest, happiest life through progressive training programs adapted to every participant’s unique fitness and lifestyle goals.

In addition to weight training three times a week, Kathleen also runs at least two times a week and takes long daily walks with her greyhound. She loves reading, gardening, art, travel and being out in nature. Kathleen welcomes you to the LIFT experience.


Irina Stoean

Client Care coordinator

Irina recently graduated from VCC, with a diploma in Business & Project Management and a PMI-CAPM designation. Additionally, she is also a certified NASM personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist and a Madd Dogg Athletics Spinning® instructor since 2016. Growing up, she played competitive basketball for 7 years and won 1st place in two Junior EuroBasket competitions with the Romanian national team.

Irina has previous experience in customer service and sales, as well as office administration.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, outdoor cycling and travelling. Irina welcomes you to the LIFT experience.