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MPR Assessment

Transform your fitness journey with our advanced MPR assessment (Mobility, Prehab and Restoration), included in every personal training package. Using top-tier tools, we meticulously analyze your body's strengths and stressors. This crucial data empowers your trainer to craft a truly bespoke program, perfectly tailored to your individual needs and aspirations. Your fitness evolution starts here, guided by personalized insights, with quarterly assessments to track and enhance your progress."

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The MPR for Athletes

Unleash your athletic potential with our Sports Performance Analysis, a key component in every athlete's training package. Employing cutting-edge tools, we delve deep into your strengths and stress points, allowing our trainers to design a sport-specific program finely tuned to your unique requirements. Elevate your game with personalized insights and quarterly assessments to drive continuous improvement on your athletic journey.

Personal Training

Step into a realm of fitness excellence with our award-winning team. Certified, professional, and passionately dedicated to your well-being, our trainers bring a wealth of expertise to every session.

Our commitment extends beyond immediate results; we believe in laying the foundation for a future of active living. With a strong emphasis on injury prevention, our trainers ensure that your fitness journey not only brings short-term gains but also nurtures the ability to enjoy the activities you love for years to come.

Experience the tailored approach with customized strength training, cardiovascular workouts, endurance challenges, and core-building exercises designed to yield results. Quarterly assessments, conducted using top-of-the-line tools, allow us to track your progress and continually challenge you.

Join us, and let our award-winning team guide you toward not just reaching your goals but sustaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

There’s no one-size-fits-all here! We know that the best type of workout is one you can stick with, so we combine your personal goals with the results of your MPR assessment to create a customized training program that will help you achieve new levels of energy and physical fitness, that you can maintain for life. 

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Fuel your team's success with our tailored team training programs. Our expert coaches are committed to propelling athletes in fitness and sport to new heights. Through sports-specific training, focused strength sessions, and cardiovascular conditioning, we not only enhance performance but also stress the importance of strategic rest and recovery. Join us in unlocking your team's full potential with customized training designed for triumph.

Are you looking to level up your team’s practice schedule? Contact us to find out more details on what LIFT can help your team achieve.

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