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MPR Assessment

Part of getting to know you is taking the time to understand your body’s areas of tightness and muscle/tendon weakness. The Mobility, Prehab, and Restoration Assessment (MPR) is a thorough, full-body assessment that gives you and your trainer a detailed analysis of your current strengths and stressors. Your trainer will use this information to create a program that perfectly suits your needs.

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The MPR for Athletes

A detailed, sport-specific, full-body report on any existing areas of tightness and muscle/tendon weakness, along with considerations for how they pertain to common sport injuries.

Personal Training

Our team of trainers are rated the top in Port Moody! They’re professionally trained, certified, and ready to lead you through workouts that support every aspect of your health and fitness goals. Nutrition planning, strength training, cardiovascular endurance and core stability give you results, and monthly measurements, weigh-ins, and body fat analysis let you track your progress as you go. If you’re looking for 1:1 support and guidance, come see us at LIFT!
There’s no one-size-fits-all here! We know that the best type of workout is one you can stick with, so we combine your personal goals with the results of your MPR assessment to create a customized training program that will help you achieve new levels of energy and physical fitness, that you can maintain for life. 

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Virtual Personal Training

Want to see what all the hype is about you can now access a LIFT Personal Trainer from the comfort of your own home. Do you travel for work? Have no time to exercise? Lack motivation getting to the gym? Well then our Virtual Training program is for you. LIFT's Virtual Training is customized to you, your fitness level, weaknesses and strengths. This is not a one size fits all type of program that can often lead to overuse or injuries! Get results fast and without injury. Receive workouts that are customized and you can do again and again. As we know accountability is KEY for any fitness training program, our Master Trainers will hold you accountable to your fitness goals. Inquire about our Team and Corporate Virtual Training Programs.

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Our trainers will help your athletes LIFT their fitness game to the next level! Our team training goes beyond repetitive drills and sport-specific skills, combining diversified training with cardiovascular conditioning, strength, rest, and recovery. Your athletes will benefit from full-body workouts that improve agility, speed, and strength.

Are you looking to level up your team’s practice schedule? Book one of our team training packages today to help your athlete achieve their goals!

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