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Join Our Injury Prevention Workshop

Next Workshop Monday April 17th, 2023 @6:30pm

About The Workshop

Attend our workshop to learn about why some common soccer injuries happen, and ways that you can reduce risk of sustaining one of these injuries yourself. We want to keep athletes on the field competing and playing to the best of their ability, while continuing to improve their skills.

While no injury is 100% preventable, proper preparation can reduce the risk of injury but also reduce the severity if an injury were to happen which means less time needed before a full return to play.

Here's What We Do

We will assess your strengths and weaknesses to enable a custom plan made just for you!

Get Started With A MPR Assessment


LIFT Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists provide advanced physiotherapy services in Port Moody that lead to the best treatment outcomes.


Now offering Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, & Myofascial release! Active recovery, injury prevention and healthy body movements are the key to all of the sessions.

Registered Massage Therapy


Personal Training

Workouts that support every aspect of your health and fitness: goals, monthly measurements, weigh-ins, and body fat analysis to keep you accountable!


Athlete Triage

LIFT is please to offer the athlete community complimentary triage sessions to assess your injury and give you a return to play timeline along with a plan for treatment/rehab going forward


Group Classes

You will learn the essential of strength training and proper form with tailored strength training program built for you.


If you have an active claim with ICBC, you may be entitled to
one-on-one exercise-based rehabilitation with a LIFT Kinesiologist. 

Active Rehab



Our team training goes beyond repetitive drills and sport-specific skills, combining diversified training with cardiovascular conditioning, strength, rest, and recovery.

We will assess your strengths and weaknesses to enable a custom plan made just for you!

Athletic Therapy

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#216-3190 St. Johns Street, Port Moody, BC

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