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Located in Port Moody, British Columbia, LIFT Fitness & Physiotherapy is a group of energetic and upbeat Personal Trainers, Physiotherapists, and Kinesiologists with the shared goal of supporting you in living a pain-free, active, and energetic life. We swap intimidation for support, and quick-fixes for small, manageable changes that add up to big results!

We offer what we know to be the best fitness experience out there! LIFT Fitness & Physiotherapy is your ultimate fitness and personal training gym in Port Moody. We combine the most efficient, evidence-based techniques in exercise, pain management and well-being, with everything we know about you, for fitness that works for your life, your body, and your goals.


Here's What We Do

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Part of getting to know you is taking the time to understand your body’s areas of tightness and muscle/tendon weakness. The Mobility, Prehab, and Restoration Assessment (MPR) is a thorough, full-body assessment that gives you and your trainer a detailed analysis of your current strengths and stressors.


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Our Master Trainers are some of the best Personal Trainers in Port Moody! They’re professionally trained, certified, and ready to lead you through workouts that support every aspect of your health and fitness goals. Nutrition planning, strength training, cardiovascular endurance and core stability give you results, and monthly measurements, weigh-ins, and body fat analysis let you track your progress as you go.


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Want to see what all the hype is about you can now access a LIFT Master Trainer from the comfort of your own home. Do you travel for work? Have no time to exercise? Lack motivation getting to the gym? Well then our Virtual Training program is for you. LIFT's Virtual Training is customized to you, your fitness level, weaknesses and strengths. This is not a one size fits all type of program that can often lead to overuse or injuries! Get results fast and without injury.

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If you love the inspiration, support, and sense of community you get from a group workout (or if you just need a little motivation to get yourself to the gym), then the LIFT Inner Circle Program is for you!

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Unlike conventional clinics who focus on treating injuries after they occur, our goal is to prevent injuries from happening in the first place. Our prehabilitation and group physiotherapy classes will keep you moving, so your goals are never interrupted by aches and pains! We are the leading providers of physiotherapy in Port Moody.


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If aches and pains are holding you back from tackling other workout classes, Group Dynamics classes are just the thing for you! Group Dynamics are group physiotherapy programs, designed to bridge the gap between 1:1 rehabilitation and group fitness classes.


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If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident and have an active claim with ICBC, you may be entitled to one-on-one exercise-based rehabilitation with a LIFT Kinesiologist. Our kinesiologists are experienced treating a full range of injuries and will support you through your recovery journey in a safe and progressive manner. Our facility in Port Moody is equipped with state of the art equipment that makes for an enjoyable and innovative physiotherapy active rehab session. 



Our Master Trainers will help your athletes LIFT their fitness game to the next level! Our team training goes beyond repetitive drills and sport-specific skills, combining diversified training with cardiovascular conditioning, strength, rest, and recovery. Your athletes will benefit from full-body workouts that improve agility, speed, and strength. 




Personal Training | Physiotherapy | Lift Fitness | Port Moody Gym Review

Stephanie B.

My experience with Lift has been amazing. Shannon is kind and dedicated to her clients and I've seen great results in my strength and stamina since I started. I look forward to continuing my self improvement with Lift!

Personal Training | Physiotherapy | Lift Fitness | Port Moody Gym Review

Simone S.

Absolutely love lift. Not only to personal train at but everything else they put on. I’ve attended their amazing race , classes , and outdoor activities. Highly recommend

Personal Training | Physiotherapy | Lift Fitness | Port Moody Gym Review

Claire B.

Love the whole experience at Lift. Challenging classes with excellent, knowledgeable trainers who push you to exceed your training goals. I highly recommend this establishment. Not only are they great at what the do they have created a Lift Community!

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Shannon What Is Discovery VS Comlimentary

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