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Tips From An Athletic Therapist To Stay Injury Free

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Ever wonder what an athletic therapist does?

You might know us best in sports as the staff on the sidelines that run onto the field and respond to emergency situations during a game or practice.

We are also experts in injury assessment and rehabilitation. The name might be misleading but we work with anyone who has sustained an injury, not just professional athletes.

My goal is to get you back to participating in your favourite activities by using a variety of techniques from manual therapy to exercise and strength training.

If you have suffered an injury or even if something is just feeling a little off, come in and book an assessment to see what athletic therapy is all about!

What Is In An Athletic therapy Initial Assessment and Treatment?

Using exercise prescription,

manual therapies, bracing, taping, exercise

programs and the latest in equipment, our

athletic therapist will help achieve patient's

goals of returning to usual activities in

optimal physical condition. Our Athletic

Therapist is experienced in the following; "Recreational & Professional athletes", Various soft tissue & orthopaedic injuries*, Acute and chronic infuries to muscles, bones and Joints,

Pre- and post surgical patients, motor vehicle accidents*, Everyday aches & pains.

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