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What Is A MPR Assessment At LIFT Fitness & Physiotherapy?

Updated: May 7

The Mobility, Prehab, and Restoration Assessment (MPR) is a thorough, full-body assessment that gives you and your trainer a detailed analysis of your current strengths and stressors.

Part of getting to know you is taking the time to understand your body’s areas of tightness, muscle/tendon weakness, joint restrictions and side to side imbalances.

The body works best as a an entire unit, so we use a variety of dynamic movements to see how your body functions as a whole to evaluate stability, core control, mobility and strength.

More specific tests also gives us insight into mobility restrictions and imbalances at individual joints so we can see if there is a part of the body that may need more work than others.


Our goal is to help you move more efficiently and reduce your risk of injury while participating in your favourite activities or even your typical day to day tasks, as well as to assist you in achieving your own goals.

Your trainer will use this information to create an individualized program of strengthening and corrective exercises to work at improving mobility and strength deficits highlighted by the MPR assessment.

We believe a MPR Assessment is for everyone. Contact us to get started.

Book An Athlete MPR Assessment

Our head educator Ryan Davies is here to help athletes perform to the best of their abilities through his wealth of knowledge as an athletic therapist.


Ryan decided to pursue a career as a certified athletic therapist after a lifelong involvement in sport, playing basketball and football, and wanted to stay involved in sport after he finished playing. While earning a degree in Kinesiology he found that teaching other athletes how to reduce their risk of injury and help them return to play after an injury is what he was the most passionate about after going through injuries of his own. Ryan has 8 years experience as a therapist in varsity sports with the University of Alberta Golden Bears Football team, and MacEwan University Women’s Hockey. As well as professionally with the Edmonton Elks and most recently Vancouver Whitecaps.

Ryan specializes in soft tissue release, manual therapy, prophylactic bracing and taping, injury prevention and assessment as well as rehabilitation and return to play programming. He holds additional certifications as a corrective exercise specialist and performance exercise specialist. One of Ryan’s goals is to take the rehabilitation and injury prevention process that is available to professional athletes and make it accessible to everyone, No matter if your goal is to keep playing your favourite sport, go hiking on the weekend or just be pain free throughout the week!

When not at work you can find him playing ultimate frisbee and pickup basketball. Or more often than not trying to find anywhere in the lower mainland without concrete, going camping, hiking, or fishing whenever he has the chance. Ryan welcomes you to the LIFT experience.



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