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Book An MPR Assessment With LIFT Fitness & Physiotherapy

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Have You Had An MPR Assessment?

Part of getting to know you is taking the time to understand your body’s areas of tightness and muscle/tendon weakness. The Mobility, Prehab, and Restoration Assessment (MPR) is a thorough, full-body assessment that gives you and your trainer a detailed analysis of your current strengths and stressors. Your trainer will use this information to create a program that perfectly suits your needs.

The MPR for Athletes


A detailed, sport-specific, full-body report on any existing areas of tightness and muscle/tendon weakness, along with considerations for how they pertain to common sport injuries.

LIFT Fitness & Physiotherapy is located at

3082 Spring Street (Left Side Door) Port Moody, BC.


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