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Full Body Routine On One Piece of Equipment: Landmine Workout

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Feel the burn with this explosive workout led by master trainer, Reece Dickinson at LIFT Fitness & Physiotherapy

In this article, we will show you examples of exercises using the landmine to get a full body workout.

A landmine, in an exercise context, refers to any exercise, where one end of the bar is anchored to the ground, either in an attachment or in a corner, and the other end moves. The landmine setup creates a different training angle and strength curve from traditional free weight exercises.

Landmine Full Body Workout With Reece Dickinson At LIFT Fitness & Physiotherapy

For each of the moves, we have broken them down below.

Landmine Squat

Crossing one hand over the other, sink back into your heels. Brace your core, come nice and low, then proceed to drive up and keep the bar at your chest. A great exercise for strengthening the glutes, hamstrings, quads and core.

Landmine Squat With Overhead Press

Here, we use the same exercises as the previous one just with an overhead press. As you come up from the squat, add this into your landmine squat for usage of the deltoids and more core strength.

Landmine Lunges

Landmine lunges are another great exercise for the lower body. Wrapping one hand around another, drive one leg back putting the weight down through your front heel, dropping your knee low and keeping your back straight.

Landmine Lunges With One Arm

Landmine lunges with one arm takes a lot of focus on your balance and core for stability.

Landmine Calf Exercises

Landmine calf raises. Holding your arms straight out locking your elbows, squeeze all your weight in your calfs and release down.

Landmine Romanian Deadlifts

Romanian deadlifts are usually done with dumbbells or the barbell but this is a great version of it using the landmine. One hand over the other, hinge the hips all the way back while keeping a flat back and head looking down, slow and controlled stretch, followed by pushing the hips forward, back to the starting position.

Landmine Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts

A single leg romanian deadlifts can be used to isolate the single leg, using the same motion with added balance and core stability, make sure to take it slow and feel a deep stretch.

Landmine Core Twist

The landmine Core twist is a very good movement for the transverse abdominus and obliques. Once in place, begin to rotate the barbell from side to side. As you rotate the barbell keep your arms straight a slight bend in your knees. And your hips facing Forward.

Landmine Kneeling Press

For the kneeling press, we’re gonna be on both knees. Clasp your hands together to make that nice solid base, bring it down right below the chin slightly leaning towards the bar, keeping the back straight, chest up elbows tucked in together. Explode the bar up and squeeze the chest together coming to an abrupt stop.

Landmine Single Arm Press

The single arm press starts on one knee. Have your elbow tucked in, your chest out and shoulder retracted. Keeping your core tight, press the bar up till your arm is fully lengthened.

Landmine Row

For the Landmine row, set up so your feet are hip-width apart, and just to the side of the barbell so your chest is perpendicular to the barbell. Brace your core by taking a deep exhale. Shove your butt back and slightly bend your knees. Maintaining a slight knee bend, hinge at your hips. Grab the weighted end of the barbell. Pull your shoulder blades back first and bring your elbows back.

Landmine Twist To Press

For an exercise that works your lower body and upper body with an explosive drive, you have the landmine twist to press. Taking the weighted end in one hand, drop your back knee down with the other arm extended in front of you as if you're about to throw a shot putt. In one motion, extend, standing tall, and pressing the weighted barbell over your head, while twisting your body so that your 'throwing arm' now extends in front of you. Hold briefly, then return to starting position.


Reece is a BCRPA certified Personal trainer. His love for fitness grew through his love of sports. He is passionate about pushing the limits when it comes to his personal goals and others. Reece played competitive hockey all of his life as well as competiteve lacrosse.

Reece has a real passion for sports which transfers over to his training as his true passion lies with Sport Specific Training and watching each athlet achieve their goals.

His mission is too push people to exceed results they have only dreamed of. In his spare time he loves to go on hikes, walk his dog, snowboard and watch lots of hockey, escpecially the Canucks! Reece wants to welcome you to the LIFT experience!


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