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Voted #1 Fitness Studio & #1 Personal Trainer in Port Moody

We are so thankful to everyone who voted. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This is our 4th year in a row being a voted #1 Fitness Studio in Port Moody, and as a local in such a fabulous and bustling town like Port Moody, this means so much.

LIFT Fitness & Physio in Port Moody is #1 Fitness Studio
LIFT Fitness & Physio in Port Moody is #1 Fitness Studio

We have been busy over the last few years, working to excel in our fields and adapting at the same time to what our clients needed.

From personal training, to physiotherapy, and now massage therapy, LIFT Fitness & Physiotherapy aims to move us towards an inclusive environment for wellness, health, and fitness together.

Our mission at LIFT Fitness and Physiotherapy is to elevate your health.

Our focus is on injury prevention, prehabilitation and group physiotherapy programs that focus on LIFTing your fitness and health goals to the next level at all stages of life and across all fitness levels. We aim to provide exceptional fitness and physiotherapy care to our clients in a fun, energetic and fitness focused environment.

Convenient online booking is available on our site,

If you need assistance with booking your visit:

Call or Text us at 604-314-4048

Now Offering:

Registered Massage Therapy

Athlete Prep Programs

Want to learn more about our prehab programs? Check out our plan page for the soccer programs happening now!

Personal Training

Want more? Book a complimentary fitness experience and let's get you started.

Thank you again to everyone who voted for us. We thank you for making us part of your wellness and health journey! Cheers to the enduring and endless pursuit of excellence, happiness and joy.


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